Over cladding with an Exterior Insulated Finish System

Over Cladding with EIFS
One way to help convert your existing home into a “green/eco” friendly home is through over cladding with EIFS. An Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a “wall covering that insulates and provides weather protection which can be installed on any type of construction.” (Source: DSPinspections.com website).

EIFS imitates the appearance of a stucco finish and consist of three layers; a polystyrene foam material insulation board, a base coat which is reinforced with fibre mesh on top of the insulation and a finish coat. (Source: Home Inspection Service of Southwest Florida). Originating from Germany after World War II, EIFS cladding found its way over to North America in the 1960s(Source: Stuff Works website). Just like Insulated Concrete Form (ICF), the initial cost is greater compared to traditional cladding. However, there are a number of “green/eco” benefits which make EIFS cladding very attractive such as:
Energy efficiency
Design Flexibility
High resistance to fading, chalking or yellowing
Exceptional resistance to dirt, mildew and mould
Fewer unsightly crack problems
Water resistant

(Source: EIFC Industry Members Association website)
Like any cladding system, EFIS should be installed by an industry professional properly in order to avoid moisture from getting underneath thus avoid any potential damage to the exterior wall of building or house. For more information on building green, visit Rascom GreenBuild Services on Facebook or follow RASCOM1 on Twitter.



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