Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial believer in using greener, sustainable methods to build new and to maintain old structures. I spent many years promoting the use of Insulated Concrete Form construction in building envelopes, and the last few years engaged in retrofitting old mechanical (hvac) systems in condominium, rental and commercial buildings, taking advantage of recent rebate programs that gave money back to people willing to invest in reducing energy consumption. I strongly believe we need to to things better, be kinder to both ourselves and the environment! For the kids, people, for the kids!!!! :)
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2012 Ontario Building Code SB-12: Energy Efficiency Requirements for Housing

Provider: The Ontario Association of Architects Location: March 6, 2012 – Toronto March 27, 2012 – Ottawa March 30 – Thunder Bay April 3, 2012 – Grimsby April 13, 2012 – Kingston April 17, 2012 – Peterborough May 1, 2012 – Kitchener The new 2012 energy efficiency requirements for housing became mandatory on January 1st … Continue reading

Ontario Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives Programs for Business

Ontario Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives Programs for Business Utilizing Incentive Programs Make Good Business Sense Building Science Forum© By Brian Burton There are currently a growing number of grants and incentive programs which operate on a provincial wide basis in Ontario. As energy costs continue to rise, monitoring these grants and incentive programs makes … Continue reading

More SaveONenergy

NEWS & EVENTS saveONenergy Incentive Programs April 12, 2012 Toronto Hydro offers financial incentives to help you conserve and manage your electricity costs. Attend this information session to find out about opportunities that can be incorporated into your energy management plan. Topics: What dollars are available for energy efficiency projects What is the incentive process … Continue reading

Condominium Resource

Condominium Property Managers are confronted with challenges on a daily basis. From constant requests from condominium owners, day to day operational issues, to code compliance and the “unknown”, managers are expected to be the “go to” source for the occupants, the site staff, and the various trades who come and go on a daily basis. … Continue reading

Electric Car & Condominiums

 Loves Young Dream: The Possible Relationship between the Electric Car and the Condominium by Nordene L Stacey     With no signs of the price of petroleum slowing down and our society’s urge to be more eco friendly,  we’re are always looking for alternative options to get us from A to B. One of these … Continue reading

Home Energy Upgrades

Home Energy Upgrades.

Home Energy Upgrades

Originally Printed In the National Post   By Patrick Langston Building envelope People want a “one-size-fits-all solution and that doesn’t exist,” says Christopher Straka, principal with Ottawa’s Vert Design, a residential and commercial planning, design and development firm. Straka’s company designed Canada’s first certified passive home, which uses about one-tenth the energy for heating and … Continue reading

Reserve Fund Study for Condominium Corporations

Web Definition:  A financial document that identifies the projected costs associated with the repair or replacement of major building components and/or studies to determine whether the amount of money in the fund and the amount of contributions collected, to date, are adequate. As per the Condominium Act of Ontario, 1998: The corporation shall establish and maintain one … Continue reading

Vancouver to be the Greenest City?

Vancouver – BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation, a BC-based company that uses social engagement and mobile technologies to improve the sustainability of buildings, has just launched their highly anticipated building community management system. BuiltSpace is well positioned to help Vancouver become the world’s greenest city, and with benefits stacked in favour of tenants and management, the company is sure to … Continue reading

Conservative? Or not?

Prime Minister Harper’s 1960′s piano tunes may be timeless, but his single-minded approach to developing new energy supply is long out of fashion. Attitudes have changed, and Canadian leaders need to keep up. A great article written by Jeff Murdoch   http://thegreenpages.ca/ca/2012/02/10/where-is-the-conserve-in-harpers-conservatives/


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