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Ontario Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives Programs for Business

Ontario Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives Programs for Business

Utilizing Incentive Programs Make Good Business Sense

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By Brian Burton

There are currently a growing number of grants and incentive programs which operate on a provincial wide basis in Ontario. As energy costs continue to rise, monitoring these grants and incentive programs makes good business sense.

For readers wanting to know more about energy efficiency incentives it is recommended that you also visit: https://www.eda-on.ca/and review some of the local initiatives that are being promoted by Hydro One

The Electricity Distributors Association is the voice of Ontario’s local electricity distributors, the publicly and privately owned companies that safely and reliably deliver electricity to over four million Ontario homes, businesses and public institutions.

The following provides a sampling with website coordinates.

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Ontario Energy Efficiency Grants and Incentives Programs for Business « Monster Commercial | Knowledge For Tenants and Investors.


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Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial believer in using greener, sustainable methods to build new and to maintain old structures. I spent many years promoting the use of Insulated Concrete Form construction in building envelopes, and the last few years engaged in retrofitting old mechanical (hvac) systems in condominium, rental and commercial buildings, taking advantage of recent rebate programs that gave money back to people willing to invest in reducing energy consumption. I strongly believe we need to to things better, be kinder to both ourselves and the environment! For the kids, people, for the kids!!!! :)


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