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Energy Audits

Want to Save Money? Get an Energy Audit Assessment!



With the price on goods and services in our economy on the rise, we’re always looking for ways we could save more money. One possible solution is to get an energy audit done. Having an energy audit completed not only helps in understanding how energy is used but where energy is being lost, plus you will be able to take advantage of the many incentives offered by the Federal and Provincial governments**.

All this sounds great but what is an energy audit assessment?

An energy audit assessment “identifies all energy consumption sources in a property, the rate at which each source uses energy and the number of hours each source uses energy within a 24 hour time period.” (Source: Businessdictionary.com) There are a number of different types of energy audits. Each of one works differently, has its own benefits and government incentives.


A commercial audit “seeks to prioritize the energy uses according to the most cost effective opportunity for energy savings.” (Source: green-buildings.com)There are three levels of commercial audits which have been developed by the American Society of Heating Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers.  The first level is an Overview or Walk-Thru Audit. The second level is known as the ASHRAE Level 1- Walk Through Analysis and the final level is known as the ASHRAE Level 2- Energy Survey and Analysis.(Sources: green-buildings.com & ashrae.org)

A commercial audit works by having an energy auditor come out to the commercial building site and conduct on site interview with the building managers. The auditor will inspect the building’s lighting, water consumption equipment, heating, air conditioning, ventilation equipment, and anything else that uses energy. Based on the evaluation, the auditor will give a list of recommendation to help reduce the cost and usage of energy in the building. (Source: abraxasenergy.com)

Benefits of a commercial energy audit include:

  • Cost savings
  • More productive work environment
  • Property value increase
  • Improves company’s image
  • Reduce energy waste of resources

(Sources: cgsenergy.com & industrialenergyaudit.com)

There are number of different incentives offered by both the Federal and Provincial governments for commercial facility. The incentives offered are dependent on the different elements of the building as well as to whether the building is newly built or is an existing one. For example in the provinceof Ontario, the provincial government offers an existing buildings ” saveONenergy” retrofit program. With this program commercial building owners can get the greatest of either $400/kw (or $0.05/kWh) on lighting measures and $800/kw (or $0.10/kWh) on non lighting measures,  up to a max of 50 % of the projects cost. (Source: Natural Resources Canada- Heads up Energy Efficiency Newsletter- December 2011) Another example is the incentives offered through Enbridge Gas for newly constructed buildings. You can receive $3000 per building if the design of the building (this also includes an addition or major renovation to an existing building) is aimed at improving the energy and environmental performance of the building. (Source: enbridgegas.com)

So its win, win all around, for the environment and for your wallet.


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**InCanada. Check with the government within your own country to see if any green incentives are offered.


About rascom1

Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial believer in using greener, sustainable methods to build new and to maintain old structures. I spent many years promoting the use of Insulated Concrete Form construction in building envelopes, and the last few years engaged in retrofitting old mechanical (hvac) systems in condominium, rental and commercial buildings, taking advantage of recent rebate programs that gave money back to people willing to invest in reducing energy consumption. I strongly believe we need to to things better, be kinder to both ourselves and the environment! For the kids, people, for the kids!!!! :)


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